A Short Tutorial for programming in HUAWEI HiQPulse

What is HiQ Pulse

HiQ Pulse is a universal control pulse design software developed for NISQ quantum hardware control. It contains common known control pulse and algorithm libraries. HiQ Pulse can provide users with desired pulse sequences for target quantum state preparation, quantum logic gates, and physical implementation of quantum circuits. Additionally, HiQ Pulse provides online pulse design on HUAWEI CLOUD.


Structure of HiQ Pulse


An example of GRAPE: Quantum circuit optimization

0. Set the number of thread

For optimal using of algorithm number of threads should be limited

1. Create optimizer

At first step, system should be created and optimizer is selected as GRAPEOptimizer in grape class in this example here.

1)Import the modules required for the calculation

As dependent packages, projectq is imported to generate quantum gate/circuit and Qutip is often used to generate quantum operators.

2) Define target quantum circuit

3) Define the hamitonian of quantum system

Here, we define a system hamiltonian class of 12 qubits transmon quantum chip of which parameters obtained by citing PhysRevLett.122.110501. For optimization tasks you can use your own Qobj operators and state vectors. TransmonHam class is used to create drift and control hamiltonian.

4) Parameters and Optimizer

Parameters in Optim:


Result object values: