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HiQ Software Solution

HiQ Software Solution

The high-performance cloud platform for large-scale quantum circuit simulations based on HUAWEI CLOUD's powerful computing and storage infrastructure will play an important role in the following areas before the large-scale high-fidelity quantum chips mature:

  1. Quantum hardware design and verification

  2. Quantum software exploration, research, and verification in advance

  3. Quantum algorithm exploration, design, and verification in advance

  4. Education and popularization of quantum computing

  5. Based on this platform, Huawei will continue to add QC-related ICT enabling technologies

Architecture of HiQ Simulators

Architecture of HiQ Simulation Platform

In researching quantum computation, it might be necessary to simulate the full-amplitude, single-amplitude and error correction codes of quantum circuits. The HiQ quantum simulators provide a comprehensive and powerful service for these scenarios.

  1. Distributed single-amplitude simulator

    81 qubits 40+ layers, tested maximum 169-qubit circuit simulations

  2. Distributed full-amplitude simulator

    tested 42-qubit circuits, 5-10 times the performance of open-source counterparts

  3. Quantum error correction circuit simulator

    simulates million-qubit error correction encoder and decoder circuits, 5-15 times the performance of similar software

  4. CloudIDE-based development model

    Easy-to-use online programming and debugging environment, supporting file and data upload and download

HiQ Programming Framework

HiQ Programming Framework

Huawei's quantum computing programming framework provides a unified programming environment for classic-quantum hybrid programming. From high-level device-agnostic programming language to compilation with specified hardware instruction sets, from large-scale quantum simulations to quantum algorithm validations, from quantum error correction encoders to decoders, the HIQ programming framework provides a comprehensive solution with a uninified API and flexible GUI's of programming.

  1. Visualization scheme for classical-quantum hybrid programming

    Unique quantum programming BlockUI makes classical-quantum hybrid programming easy and intuitive

  2. Support of distributed and scalable hardware and software

    The compilation framework supports multi-type of quantum hardware backends and Python/C++ API front-end extensions

  3. Outstanding computational performance

    Provides high-performance C++ parallel and distributed simulator backends

  4. Open development system

    The framework is based on and compatible with open-source ProjectQ software and will continue to be open-source

  5. High-efficient resource management

    Integrated high-performance optimizer for quantum circuit compiling to support finite internal RAMs and massively parallel computing

  6. Support with rich algorithm library and help documents

    Rich algorithm Library of important basic algorithms, accelerates the learning and development processes

  7. Demos of some algorithm documents

    Shor's algorithm

    Grover's algorithm

    HHL algorithm

    Bernstein-Vazirani algorithm

    Phase estimator

    Finding max number

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HiQ News

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